Greetings from ‘The British Scholarship Journal’ in the UK. It is a pleasure to have your request for registration.
Please thoroughly read the information prior to submitting the research paper.
Before explaining the guidelines for the authors, we would like to introduce the Research Paper Impact Index Table that is used to evaluate the paper
and also award authors for their work.


 Research Paper Impact Index Table

Contents Format evaluation Context evaluation Originality evaluation
1 Star <★> – Brief Thesis Registration disapproved N/A N/A
2 Star <★★> Conditional registration Plain theme / Average Completeness No Creativity
3 Star <★★★> Satisfied Plain theme / High Completeness No Creativity
4 Star <★★★★> Satisfied High theme / Completeness Intermediate-low
5 Star <★★★★★> Satisfied High theme / Completeness Intermediate
6 Star <★★★★★★> Satisfied High theme / Completeness Advanced / Quasi-SCI
7 Star <★★★★★★★> Satisfied High theme / Completeness Advanced / SCI level


 Research Paper Impact Index Table Score Awards

7 Stars <★★★★★★★> Best thesis award + Certificate of a Research Paper Registration
6 Stars <★★★★★★> Excellent thesis award + Certificate of a Research Paper Registration
5 Stars <★★★★★> Certificate of a Research Paper Registration
4 Stars <★★★★> Certificate of a Research Paper Registration
3 Stars <★★★> Certificate of a Research Paper Registration
2 Stars <★★> Certificate of a Research Paper Registration
1 Star<★> – Brief Thesis None


  Precautions to keep in mind before submitting the research paper.

  • 3 to 4 paged short research paper and a master’s or doctoral thesis cannot be registered.
  • Every research paper must be submitted in the form of a Microsoft Word file. Excel, PDF or jpg files are not acceptable.
  • Already registered research papers on other journals cannot be submitted. This is a violation of plagiarism rules.
  • It is impossible to change an author of a research paper (including a co-author) after the submission of the paper is completed.
  • The screening of the paper takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks from the date of the application submission.
  • The status of the paper will be update in 3 different ways,
          1) “Registration confirmed”
          2) “Conditional registration confirmed”
          3) “Registration refused”
  • When the author receives a result with a “conditional registration confirmed” status, he/she must satisfy demands for corrections and re-submit the papers
          within the designated period of time.
  • When the research paper registration is confirmed, the registration fee must be paid within the notice period.
          ** Please note that all the screening procedures before the results are noticed are free of charge.
  • The academic journal has the copyright of research papers which approves the right for the paper to be registered on “The British Scholarship Journal.”
  • The papers cannot be registered on other domestic or international academic journals as this violate of the plagiarism rules.
  • The applicant is responsible for issues concerning copyright, even after the approval of registration.

     The Format of a Research Paper

  • The format must be Title-English abstract-Context-References. A separate page must be designated for the title and page numbers should be counted
          including the title page.
  • A title, an author, the author’s affiliation and the author’s e-mail must be written on the title page. When it comes to the author’s name, an acronym is unacceptable,
          and must be written as it is on the passport.
  • The title must be Arial and 24 font-sized, a context must be 10 font-sized and the line size should be 160%. References must be 9 font-sized.
  • In the case of a thesis abstract, it is required to be English with a length of 150 to 200 words, and 3 to 10 keywords.
  • In the table of contents, major contents must be written in the Roman alphabet (ex.Ⅰ,Ⅱ) and the rest written in the order of 1-1.1-1.1.1.
          This only applies to major contents, meaning in regard to small contents it is not necessary to have such numbers.
  • Every thesis should be in an MS word file, and have A4 size as a standard.

     The Credibility of a Research Paper

  • Getting an approval for a registration doesn’t mean that an author is exempted from obligations regarding the veracity. The author is responsible for the veracity of
          his or her thesis permanently.
  • The author must ensure that no manipulation is made in research methods or results and it should assure that repeating the research produces identical outcomes.
  • When an author changes existing research methods or measuring equipment, he or she must explain the reason and have a third party accept the change.
  • The author is to take the greatest care in regard to citation of references. The author is responsible for any issues regarding any copyright or thesis plagiarism.

     Diagrams in a Research Paper

  • It is allowed to insert a drawing in the context of research papers, and it is fine to create a paper supplement.
  • PowerPoint can be used for graphics, and MS Word is also acceptable.
  • Diagrams or charts must be drawn concisely, and should be smaller than a quarter of a page.
  • Diagrams should be labelled with numbers in Arabic numerals, while following the order.
  • Authors must write down a brief description for each diagram when they cite a drawing from other papers or cite it after a modification.

     Citation of References in a Research Paper (thesis/book)

  • References must be in alphabetical order of the primary authors’ names and this still applies even though there is a co-author. It is acceptable to write
          only a first letter of an author’s family name.
  • When a submitter cites more than one research paper from the same author the order of registration must be listed.
  • When a research paper of joint authors is cited, it is acceptable to write only the primary author’s name and put the other authors’ names as “et al.”
          < ex, Steddy et al., 2003>
  • When it comes to a thesis citation, the submitter should put information in the order of an author – registration year – a title – a name of a journal – the number of
          volumes – a registration page.
          However, in the case of a journal which is published more than two times a year, it is required to indicate a number beside a volume.
  • Information regarding citation of books is below.
          1) A title of a book is in Italics, and starting with capitals except for articles, propositions, and conjunctions.
          2) Place of publication comes before publisher.
          3) The total number of all pages must be written, instead of just cited pages.
          4) When citing a book, it is necessary to put the publisher, place of publication, and edition (if it is a revised edition).

          Pandey, R. and Kalra, A. 2003. Root knot disease of Ashwagandha Withania somnifera and its ecofriendly cost effective management. J. Mycol. Pl. Pathol., 33(2): 240-245.
          Klein G. 1998. Sources of power: how people make decisions. 2nd edition, Cambridge, Massachusetts: the MIT Press. 330 pp.


     Research Paper Registration Process

    Step 1: Applicant’s e-mail application
    Step 2: Confirmation for online application is sent 1 to 2 days from the application date < Sat*Sun*holidays are excluded. >
    Step 3: Paper evaluation < Between 4 to 6 weeks from the application date >
    Step 4: Registration confirmed
    Step 5: Remittance of registration fee
    Step 6: Issue the certificate of thesis registration
    Step 7: Submit an edited thesis file
    Step 8: Publish the thesis online

    Please apply to “ ” with the information below.
    < Mail or fax cannot be used >

    Applicant’s Name
    Please write you exact English name as written on the passport.
    Applicant’s Date of Birth May 5th, 1998
    Applicant’s Affiliated Group XXXX School, UK
    Applicant’s Current Grade 11th grade
    Applicant’s E-mail Address < Gmail is highly recommended>
    Applicant’s Cellphone Number A cellphone number is requested for a reception of messages.
    < Parents' phone numbers are acceptable. >
    Applicant’s Mailing Address House number or street name address / Postcode is required.
    Applicant’s Request Any information the applicant want to tell or request to the academic journal manager < No word limit but less than 30 lines is recommended >
    Applicant’s Research Paper Attach a file. – “pdf” and “jpg” are not acceptable.


     Research Paper Registration Fee

    Step 1: Applicant’s e-mail application
    Step 2: 1st Paper evaluation
    Step 3: 2nd Paper evaluation <200 GBP>
    Step 4: Paper registration is confirmed. We send you an email confirming registration
    Step 5: Request for paper registration fee <300 GBP>
    Step 6: Issue the certificate of thesis registration
    Step 7: Send an edited thesis file
    Step 8: Registration of a thesis

    For questions regarding the fee please email “” < telephone inquiries not available. >


     Documents after Paper Registration

    The certificate of thesis registration
    A4 paper certificate form (English) = 1 Original document for free <100 GBP costs for a reissue>
    The confirmation of thesis registration
    A4 paper letter form (English) 10 pieces of original document for free – for domestic and international universities. <20 GBP for every extra piece after 10 pieces>
    Please email “ ” for additional certificates or letters
    When you do not get a reply from our staff after 48 hours from your e-mail application, please check your spam bin and then contact us by (+44) 020 3637 6114.


     Caution and Requests

  • All enquiries must be through an email. Enquiries through telephone or fax are not possible.
  • Applicants are responsible for updating changes of address and are responsible for non-delivery due to changes in addresses.
          Please provide clear information. All documents will be sent as quickly as possible via registered mail.
  • When the research paper registration fee is not paid within the required date and time, an applicant’s registration cannot be accepted.
          Please let us know if there’s a reason for delay in payment, via email to “”
  • This academic journal is an online journal, meaning it isn’t created as a thesis booklet.
          However, an extra fee will be charged when an applicant requests a production of a thesis booklet.
  • For enquiries about 1:1 instruction on a research paper please refer to the instruction on the contact us page.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us to “” if you have any queries.
    Thank you very much.
    Editorial department
    The British Scholarship Journal